PowerPlay E-Blue RGB Cobra

Customizable 16.8 Million Colour True RGB
Exclusive DPI Adjustment Buttons Up To 4000DPI
Specialized A3050 Gaming Sensor For Pinpoint Accuracy
1.7m Braided USB Cable

Slide your way through the warzone and dominate your opponents with the PowerPlay Cobra RGB Gaming Mouse! Utilizing an optimized A3050 gaming sensor for lossless tracking and pinpoint accuracy up to 4000DPI, your mouse truly becomes your best weapon on the battlefield. Featuring built-in dynamic 16.8 million colour RGB Backlights and downloadable software, the Cobra RGB puts you in control of how you light up your gaming experience with virtually infinite combinations. Includes two programmable side-buttons and a comfortable, ergonomic design that rivals the generic and uncomfortable styles from other brands. The PowerPlay Cobra RGB is the Number ONE unparalleled choice for gamers to bring to the fight.

Name: PowerPlay E-Blue Cobra RGB Gaming Mouse
Product Code: EBRGBGM
Brand: PowerPlay
Developer: E-Blue
Barcode: 6921607111026
RRP: $49.99

PowerPlay E-Blue Holy Cobra

Customizable 16.8 Million Colour True RGB
Lightweight Honeycomb Design For Grip & Speed
DPI Adjustable Up To 6400 & Dedicated DPI Button
High -Quality Gaming Laser Sensor

The PowerPlay Holy Cobra Pro RGB Gaming Mouse is the ultimate tool to give you the upper hand and take your victory in the combat zone! This super lightweight gaming mouse features a unique honeycomb design to both reduce weight and increase your grip. Weighing in at only 80 grams and designed with you in mind, the Holy Cobra is built for performance and comfort. Featuring a high-quality gaming sensor with fully adjustable DPI and jitter reduction, 16.8 million colour RGB lighting and 2 programmable side buttons all customizable within the desktop app, this mouse allows you to tailor your settings down to the smallest detail. Don’t settle for less, settle for the best with the PowerPlay Holy Cobra Pro RGB Mouse.

Name: PowerPlay E-Blue Holy Cobra Gaming Mouse
Product Code: EBPPPGM
Brand: PowerPlay
Developer: E-Blue
Barcode: 0746935935917
RRP: $69.99

PowerPlay Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

61-Key Mini Keyboard
Mechanical Cyan Switches
Customizable 16.8m Colour RGB
Highly Durable Double-Injection Keycaps
Braided USB-C Cable Connection
Sturdy Aluminium Faceplat

Highly accurate, reliable, and responsive – the PowerPlay Cyan Switch Mini Mechanical Keyboard is everything you could want out of a gaming keyboard!

Because of its 61-Key compact design, this gaming keyboard frees up your desk space for things such as larger monitors and other accessories, it is also good for people that use a low mouse sensitivity. The keyboard is still fully featured with the traditional numpad and directional arrow modules being moved to keys accessible with the ‘Function button’.

This high-quality keyboard features tactile ZT Cyan Switches which provide a satisfying response with every press and are rated up to 50 million individual key-presses, and with the included PowerPlay application you can light up your world with full 16.8m colour customisable RGB. In addition to this, the double-injection keycaps provide long lasting quality and comfort with their ergonomic design while the strong aluminium face-cover provides a sturdy base for the rest of the keyboard. Upgrade your game by downsizing – switch to the PowerPlay Cyan Switch Mini Mechanical Keyboard today!

Product Code: PMMK
Product Title: PowerPlay Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Barcode: 0746935935924
Brand: PowerPlay
Release Date: August 3rd 2021
RRP: $89.99

PowerPlay Gamepad

The PowerPlay Gamepad allows you to experience gaming the way its meant to be experienced. From beating thugs in the streets to racing your best friend with the familiar button layout, you’ll feel right at home with any games you play. Full vibration support gives you even more immersion bringing all games to life! No need to worry about a short cable, the PowerPlay Gamepad includes 3 metres of cable length allowing you to sit back and relax.

Product Code: PPGP
Product Title: PowerPlay Gamepad
Barcode: 6942949015476
Brand: PowerPlay
RRP: $24.99